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Flatbed Trailer

Flatbed Trailers can be used to carry nearly all types of loads, and they are especially useful for transporting heavy loads. To move heavy freights i..

Multi Excel Trailer

multi-axle Trailers are used to move especially heavy materials, usually raw industrial materials such as large shipments of rock or bricks. The ma..

Semi Trailer

Semi Trailer Transportation is no simple task. In an industry like transport, ignoring even the smallest of details can lead to huge delays and other ..

Truck Service

We have wide experience in providing audience to the trucking industries and we make many contacts in the fleets. In an additional we provide informat..

Low bed Trailer

We offer a wide range of low bed trailer that is manufactured using quality raw material that ensures durability. Our range is very large in size and ..

Hydraulic Axles Trailer

Hydraulic Axle Trailers of Procam are a loading platform available in different modules or configuration, having multi Axle unit connected by a hydrau..

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  • Fast Worldwide delivery

    We have trained and professional driver who will transport your goods one place to another fast and secure.

  • Safety & Compliance

    We have well trained and experience team to handle odc consignment. Our team first moto to transport goods safety and compliance

  • 24/7 Support

    Our Support team available 24x7 to help our valuable customer related to goods transportation