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Hydraulic Axle Trailers of Procam are a loading platform available in different modules or configuration, having multi Axle unit connected by a hydraulic suspension. Hydraulic/Pneumatic hoses are fitted throughout the trailer to facilitate the hydraulic function from the respective tank by adjusting the different control valves.

Heavy Duty Hydraulic Trailers have the following features:

  • Designed carrying capacity is more. It can be used to carry any type of load as long as the roads & bridges can bear such weight.
  • Equally, distributes the load on each axle. Thus increasing the safety to cross the Bridge.
  • Can be increased by lengthwise as well as widthwise to load the consignment based upon its size and weight.
  • It maintains the stability of loaded consignment even on gradient, sharp curves, up & down, hump dip etc. because of hydraulic compensation.
  • Can be raised or lowered +/- 300mm from the normal driving height of 1175mm, which also facilitates loading and unloading of consignment without using crane and to pass through overhead structures.
  • Axles can be steered independently. Thus giving better turning radius.